About us

Welcome to Papillon Boheme — a gallery full of beautiful things and refined art.  

Opened in 2010. We are located in charming medieval village of Issigeac, in South West France.  

We do not just sell things. We spend a lot of time looking for originality and quality, for beautiful and handmade items, for exclusively designed objects and creations of art. 

We meet the creators, because we believe in human communication, in a hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart attitude to business relationships between partners and clients.  

Our job is to give you the joy of discovery. To give you the pleasure of looking at original, handmade items, the opportunity to admire artisanal work and creations by artists from all over the world, the pleasure of touching and owning these items, the pleasure of making your home a special place, the pleasure of being a part of small, sustainable business ethic and the pleasure of supporting artisans and artists. 

We present a collection of exclusive etchings, art books, high-quality long-lasting slow-burning natural candles and home fragrances made in France by a small family manufacturer "Secrets d'Apothicaire".  

We strongly believe in the comforting strength of pleasant olfactory memories, that's why we think, every house, even every room must have its own scent, its own story, its own Universe — as every house must have an original piece of art. We are not certain if beauty and art will save the world, but we are sure that it will make our lives more pleasant, more happy and easier.  So, we propose for you a survival kit in this crazy world — books, art and cosy home details. 

This is only the beginning. The story and adventure will continue... 

Hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, sincerely yours 

Galerie Papillon boheme founder Erika Umbrasaite