Etching Philippe Mohlitz (1941-2019) "Le Jardinier"/ "The gardener"

Etching Philippe Mohlitz (1941-2019) "Le Jardinier"/ "The gardener"

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Original etching of one of the most talented and brave  french engravers Philippe MOHLITZ (1941-2019). Already prized by connoisseurs, the astonishing and highly individual engravings of great master are regarded as the masterpieces of original engraving of this generation.

Original etching signed and numbered on 100 in pencil by the artist.

Dimensions of the work: 31 x 23.5 cm
Dimensions of the engraving: 18 x 13 cm

Philippe Mohlitz was French engraver, who's work is internationally recognized. He was trained in Paris from 1960 to 1965 in the workshop of the one he claimed as his master, Jean Delpech, Grand Prix de Rome de gravure in 1948. Recognized for his talent, from 1967 he started to participate in exhibitions in France (Antibes, Paris, Avignon, Dax, Fontainebleau, Bordeaux etc.) and abroad (Brussels, New York, Tokyo, Madrid, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki etc.)

In 1971 Ph.Mohlitz received the Florence Gould Prize and in 2000 the Grand Prix Léon-Georges Baudry for engraving from the Taylor Foundation. 

Philippe MOHLITZ is on of the most technically refined and inventive original engraver, who worked in a traditional manner genius of XV century and great master of etchings Albrecht Dürer.

Ph. MOHLITZ is often named India Jones of art, because of the univers in his etchings - images of abandoned palaces, ruins, strange aviation machines, often overgrown with vegetation, wild jungles, decay, war, deserted lands and personages of science fiction. 

Rich in detail, his images  are filled with a pervasive sense of the macabre, peripheral details of gruesome sexual content, morbid eroticism and unexpected dark humour.